Fast Shipping & Quality Cards

Since 2020 our cards are custom high resolution prints on credit card-sized plastic and have an impressive quality compared to other cards out there which often are just printed on white PVC, have a sticker, or are labeled with a marker.

About Villager Cards

Our cards are more affordable than purchasing the now out-of-print or sold out packs of cards that are released. The official sources never print enough to demand and cause massive price fluctuations on the originals.

Our cards have no NFC stickers or gimmicks. They are printed on a high quality plastic credit card-sized card with glossy finish with the scannable code embedded. They are printed edge-to-edge with a high resolution image and attention to detail. Our designs are made from scratch unlike competitors that will print cheaply upscaled graphics or sell "mini cards". Check out our customer testimonials for real feedback from our cards.

Orders are processed same-day and placed in the mail by the next day.  Shipped with tracking number in padded envelope with protector.